Residential Fire Sprinklers

In Ontario, smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms are required by law to be installed in residential dwellings.  The regulations do not apply to residential fire sprinklers.  Port Hope Fire and Emergency Services strongly recommend installing a residential fire sprinkler system in your home. 

The statistics speak for themselves.  More than 200 people perish in fires each year and more than 80% of these fire deaths occur in homes - the place where people feel the safest. Home fires often happen at night when people are sleeping. In only three minutes, a room can become engulfed in flames.  Those at highest risk are young children and older adults, who may have difficulty making a quick escape.

Smoke alarms are designed to detect a fire and provide early warning.  They cannot control a fire. Home fire sprinklers complement the alarm's work, providing a way to fight flames immediately. In less time than it would take most fire departments to arrive on the scene, home fire sprinklers can contain and even extinguish a fire. There's less damage, and less chance of deadly smoke and gases reaching your family.

There are many myths and misconceptions about residential fire sprinklers.  Please take some time to learn more about the value of residential fire sprinklers by visiting Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition Canada.

 Port Hope Fire and Emergency Services is proud to be a Built for Life Fire Department.

Home Fire Sprinkler brochure

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