Fire Prevention and Education

Public Fire Prevention Education is delivered to people of all ages through a variety of programs, including in-school programs for children, specialized adult training (fire extinguisher training, etc) and attendance at public events.

Specific programs such as smoke alarm awareness campaigns are also included.Public Education programs are a large part of the Fire Department's workload, and are mandated by the Fire Protection and Prevention Act.

In-school fire safety education programs for children have traditionally been the main focus of fire department public education programs; the children are an easy-to-reach audience, and they are usually enthusiastic about taking the fire safety message home to their parents.

Over the past several years, specific programs have been developed to reach seniors and other specific adult audiences. These programs, distributed by the OFM and associated agencies, are being delivered by the fire department, but are more challenging as it is often difficult to find an audience of adults willing to listen.

Smoke alarm awareness programs are intended to emphasize the importance of working smoke alarms, and include media campaigns stressing legal requirements, the importance of proper installation and maintenance, etc. We also develop education programs based on actual trends in the municipality, such as the kitchen fire safety program which we delivered following a noticeable increase in kitchen fires.



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