Alarmed For Life Program

 In September 1995, the Fire Marshal's Public Fire Safety Council launched Alarmed for Life, a provincial home smoke alarm safety check program. This program involves local fire departments' conducting home fire safety checks and offering smoke alarms, batteries and carbon monoxide detectors to residents in their communities. The proceeds from this program go toward supporting The Arson Prevention Program for Children (TAPP-C) and other educational programs. To date, this program has resulted in the distribution of 9,061 smoke alarms, 5,082 carbon monoxide detectors and 31,550 batteries.

A new addition to the program is the ten-year smoke alarm. Statistics identified that replacing smoke alarm batteries has been a problem for many people. A solution was devised by way of the American Sensors new ten-year smoke alarm. The smoke alarm is powered by a lithium powercell with a ten-year warranty. To date, 6,037 of these alarms have been distributed through the Alarmed for Life program. This alarm has been a lifesaver for those who have physical limitations or difficulty in remembering to change the battery in a conventional smoke alarm.

Alarmed for Life was the successor to An Alarming Initiative, a highly successful smoke alarm program that was implemented in 1994 and resulted in the sale of 43,000 smoke alarms across the province. A portion of these sales supported the Learn Not to BurnŽ program in Ontario schools. In addition, the Council raised sufficient funds to distribute the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) video Sparky's ABC's to all municipal fire departments in Ontario.

Photo of two firefighters handing a smoke alarm to a resident.

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