The Fire Protection and Prevention Act requires that municipalities conduct specific types of inspections, including request, complaint and certain specific Fire Code enforcement inspections (i.e. Retrofit of multi-unit residential properties). Conducting these various inspections is a condition of our continued compliance with the FPPA; the OFM reviews inspection data annually as part of the annual compliance certification process.

Prior to 2009, these inspections were carried out by the former Fire Chief, and by volunteer fire fighters. The Fire Master Plan, completed in 2007, noted that there were a large number of outstanding inspections required by legislation, while the department was completing only 10 - 15 inspections per year. A Fire Prevention Officer was hired, initially a contract position and then, in 2011, a full-time position was created. The new resource allowed the Fire Department to initiate a new program of compliance inspections with the goal of inspecting all identified properties within the Municipality.

Since hiring the full-time Fire Prevention Officer we have been able to complete almost 120 inspections per year which is a vast improvement over prior years.

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