Fire Legislation and Compliance

Fire departments in Ontario are regulated by the Fire Prevention and Protection Act. The FPPA regulates most fire department activities and prescribes certain requirements. These include Public Fire Safety Education programs including a smoke alarm awareness program; fire safety compliance inspections, including complaint and request inspections; and any other fire safety activities as the Municipality sees fit (such as fire suppression services). The FPPA includes a set of regulations, known as the Ontario Fire Code. The Fire Code prescribes minimum fire safety measures for most buildings in the Province. The FPPA gives the local Chief Fire Official specific powers to enforce these regulations.

The Fire Department is also regulated by a number of Municipal By-laws, including the Establishing and Regulating By-law, which details exactly which fire safety services are provided by the department; the Controlled Burning by-law, which outlines where and when outdoor burning is allowed; the Fireworks by-law which regulates the sale and use of commercial and display fireworks; and the Fees and Charges by-law, which outlines fees for some fire department services.

Ontario Fire Code

By-law 98/2018 Prescribed Fees for Services Schedule K

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