Do you know what to do if the power goes out and you are stuck at home for days?

Be prepared to take care of yourself and your family for at least 72 hours. If a disaster happens in our community, it may take emergency workers some time to get to you as they help those in desperate need. By taking a few simple steps today, you can become better prepared to face a range of emergencies - anytime, anywhere.

STEP 1 - Know the Risks.  Find out what Ontario hazards affect our community and how you can protect yourself when disaster strikes. 

STEP 2 - Make a Plan.  You can't predict an emergency, but you can prepare for one. Take action today!  Follow the link under "Make a Plan".  This online tool will help you create an Emergency Preparedness Action Plan for your household. Your completed plan will:

. List the specific steps you need to take to get prepared
. Provide tips on hazards that might affect your community
. Include information related to special needs you may have (for example,  information for people with disabilities and pet owners)

STEP 3 - Prepare an Emergency Kit of what you need at home to prepare your family for an evacuation or the first days of an emergency. An emergency survival kit contains all the basic items, including your plan that you will need to remain comfortable for at least three days immediately after or during an emergency. You should ensure you have all your basic supplies with you. Remember to keep your kit in an easy-to-reach location, and that everyone in your family knows where it is stored.

Remember to include items that might be required to meet any special needs of the members of your family such as infants, people with special needs and disabilities, seniors and pets.  For instance, families with infants and toddlers will want to include items such as diapers, baby food and formula, bottles, sippy cups, toys, crayons and paper etc.

Emergency Preparedness Week is May 5 to 11, 2019

Emergency Preparedness Week is a Canada wide joint Federal-Provincial-Territorial initiative to increase awareness about individual and family preparedness, emphasizing how the public can reduce the risks and consequences of an emergency by being better prepared. This year the theme is: "Are You Ready?"  It is meant to help Canadians take action to protect themselves and their families during emergencies.

Further information is be available at Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness Canada  and Emergency Management Ontario.


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